About Us

TouchPoint Promotions is an industry leading incentive marketing company that specializes in the management of incentive and engagement solutions.  Whether it’s a rebate, an employee reward, or a channel sales incentive, the success of each program hinges on satisfied participants.  TouchPoint has a passion for creating a strong impression between the brand and the participant, which enables us to create powerful programs based on the unique needs of each client.


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The Stats

92% of respondents stated that incentives were the reason they achieved their goal.
The Internet has helped reduce costs of incentive programs by up to 60%.
Deal-hunting and then bragging about bargains has not only become cool, it's practically a new sport.


“We have a long-standing relationship with TouchPoint Promotions. The key reason is our shared philosophy of excellent customer service. We want promotions and rebate fulfillment to be inviting, easy and safe for our customers. Customer satisfaction does not end at...

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