Centralizing Employee Rewards and Recognition

Centralize worldwide Employee Rewards and Recognition, and foster improved company culture


A major consumer-to-consumer money transfer services organization has employees in 200 countries. Their challenge was to create an enterprise-wide strategic recognition program that allowed for decentralized administration with centralized budget oversight and impact reporting. Complicating the implementation were the employee language differences, communication and cultural differences, and technology differences such as access to the Internet.


The selected approach provided a common system interface to support disparate HR and payroll systems, an online recognition portal translated to multiple languages controlled by the employee’s language preference code and dynamically displayed content, program rules, eligibility criteria, and issuance functionality depending on the employee’s authority level. The portal included pre-translated recognition text messages aligned to the company’s value and behavior statements that managers could select to support cross language/culture team issuance. In addition, multiple avenues were provided for employees to interact with the system. Kiosks were placed in lunch rooms on location. Printed eCards and telephone access systems were put in place.

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