Driving Sales and Continuity


Channel and direct diverse markets

A major player in a highly competitive global technology market was looking to gain market share and solidify its position as the market leader. While the company had used disconnected programs in the past, it was looking for a cost-effective solution that would be flexible enough to support diverse business units with multiple program objectives and growing international opportunities. They wanted to expand their incentive efforts to reach all levels down to “feet on the street”. In addition they were looking for a way to get better insight into what was actually happening in the organization.


Working collaboratively we recommended a solution that would engage the entire organization while offering the flexibility and scalability needed to meet the diverse demands of the individual business units. Our technology platform allows each business unit to have its own personalized site or identity within a common platform, and not only participate in centralized company-wide programs, but also have the autonomy to create their own offerings. With multiple programs linked through a single gateway, the portal supports many different outlets and participants have the visibility and earn points under the programs for which they are eligible. Meaningful rewards are key to effectively motivating the participants. The client had chosen our rewards strategies that would cater to the participant, be cost effective, and bring lift in market share to their program.

Bottom Line

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