What Solution & Why?

Our competitive intelligence group and our years of experience has found that the below solutions work.
See below to learn more.


Rebate vs. Instant discount or coupon

  • Rebates provide a call to action producing valuable customer data
  • Information to assess Customer Lifetime Value
  • Savings due to decreased acquisition costs and it can allow for much stronger offers
  • Maximize your touch points to consumers who have previously engaged in your promotion
  • Expanding your customer database

Using Pre-paid card

  • Give the recipient exactly what they want with choice
  • Provides valuable information on where rewards are redeemed
  • Longer branding opportunity. Utilize co-branded cards, with billboard in wallets. Personalized branding makes it unique

Channel and Sales Spiffs

  • Staying top of mind with your channel
  • Increase market share
  • Providing incentives that are valuable to their business
  • Web based training and quiz modules which enhances your channel's knowledge base and sales success


Attracting A New Customer Costs 5 Times As Much As Keeping An Existing One!

  • TouchPoint's programs engage your customers and foster long term affinity
  • Our expertise in offering items of value and systematic communication will elevate your campaign
  • Customer segmenting and allowing your customer to pick their chosen communication methods
  • Easy management and use for all: sponsor company, customer and administrators

Employee performance, incentives and recognition

Engaged employees are more productive, profitable, customer-focused and less likely to leave!

  • Driving company objectives and aligning programs with KPI’s
  • Fostering growth within your organization and folding in any type of employee initiatives


Program Management Expertise

Complete Integration

Assessing Your Program Needs