Coupon Processing

The ability to accept consumer coupons and receive reimbursement from manufacturers or retailers is vitally important to your bottom line.

TouchPoint is skilled in handling the complexities of coupon programs and that allows our clients to focus on what they do best.   Our commitment in developing accurate processes and procedures helps eliminate fraud and increase efficiencies that benefit our clients.  
Our coupon processing solution includes:

  • Accounting — Developing top of the line accounting processes and systems that ensure that your coupons are properly processed and billed.
  • Quick Processing Times — TouchPoint focuses on technology based solutions that allow for some of the fastest processing times. This means that our clients will get their dollars quicker and improve their cash flow. This also fosters a customer-centric approach for all parties involved which saves money and partner loyalty.
  • Service — Our dedicated account management team uses their expertise to handle the challenges of processing coupons and providing you with accurate and prompt responses.


Additional Solutions