Employee Incentives

Engaged employees are more productive, profitable, customer-focused and less likely to leave.

Motivating an employee base can be a challenge for any organization. Capture your employees' interest by offering them what they want the most, choice! Cash is king, so our customized offering of prepaid cards is very popular and in addition you can provide options like travel, events and customized experiences.


All of this can be administered with ease utilizing our system's user-friendly management tools.

Program Success Factors

  • Compliment and reinforce the core values and behaviors throughout an entire organization
  • Choice of cash awards, prepaid reward cards, travel options and merchandise gifts
  • Reward for measurable results (metric based) and observed behaviors (subjective)
  • The program must be valued and appreciated by the employees

Simplicity: If it is easy, people will use it. Our solutions & technology platform makes giving recognition fun and simple. With a couple of clicks and text personalization, you will have beautiful eCards with the options for automatic award issuance and tracking.

Control: Capabilities to manage budgets, issuance activity and reports. To support your requirement for financial accountability, the tracking system will be able to monitor and report every dollar spent on rewards and all program activity.

Security: Sensitive employee data is secured throughout transactions. Employee information and organizational hierarchy information should be kept private and secure. In addition, the system eliminates fraudulent award activity by restricting access.